Friday, January 06, 2006

Lea Thompson

Hello, and welcome to "hot chicks of my teen years". . .

This is a picture of Lea Thompson from one of her "Jane Doe" TV movies from the Hallmark channel. I post it because she's going to be starring in another Jane Doe film this month on the channel (January 14, 2006), and also because it gives me the chance to wax philosophical about a pretty actress.

We need to go "Back to the future" for this one. That's the hit film from 1985 that really put Lea in the spotlight. (Sigh) Sometimes it's frustrating to "fall in love" with a girl and then never see her again for another few years! She did other films, of course, but I somehow never got to see these in the theater and still haven't seen most of them. I can't imagine going to my parents and saying "I want to see a film called 'Casual Sex!'" Don't think that would have worked. But she always does a fine job as an actress. She nearly saved "Howard the Duck!" She even got tied up in it. One very interesting film she was in was "The Right to Remain Silent." You may enjoy that one if you prefer a more "psychological" drama. And of course, she starred in "Caroline in the City" on TV.

So if I can, I'll try to tune in and catch Lea in the new film. Who knows? She might get tied up again. . . :)

Here's a nice fan site with more info. about Lea: