Friday, May 12, 2006

Don't join that club

One of my favorite bloggers out there is Mr. Fred Hembeck. Fred is a familiar name to die-hard comic book fans, having provided commentary on several books and TV series. His comments are always fun and can be found at his Web page: You can also learn about some of his eBay auctions of his artwork.

Fred is also a dad. Recently, on his blog site, Fred made a post that I just have to steal- I mean, share with you all. This is one of the best examples I've ever seen of why it's not a good idea to follow the crowd.

May 11th, 2006

Daughter Julie, the tenth grade high school student, told me earlier today about a new club that's all the sensation in the middle school portion of her school, something called the Pen 15 club.

Seems as if this is THE club for all the cool people--or at least, that's the way it's being represented to those poor social outcasts who are overly eager to join the (as they used to say in my day) in-crowd. Now, I'm not entirely certain exactly what all the requirements to join this coveted organization are, but there IS one particular one that makes or breaks one's chance at membership: each potential enlistee must take out a ballpoint pen and, on the back of his or her hand, scrawl the name of this cabal, "Pen 15".

It's as simple as that! Apparently, that's all it takes nowadays to be considered cool, and I'm sure the sense of belonging that accompanies acceptance into the ranks of Pen 15 does wonders for these lucky students’ self-confidence...

Until, of course, they go home after their induction, sit down for dinner with their families, and reach across the table for the mashed potatoes. That's when stunned mother's everywhere recoil in shock..

"Sally"--or Bobby, Joanne, Tom, Katie, or even Alphonse--"WHY did you write "penis" on the back of your hand???"

Why, indeed?

Careful what sorta clubs you join, folks.