Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Museums, Maria and messy frogs

MUSEUM MUSINGS: It’s quite a feeling to be casually surfing the web and suddenly see the picture of someone you know! That happened to me last week when I came across a photo of Ken Ham on the “Yahoo” home page. Ken is the head of “Answers in Genesis” ministries and one of the driving forces behind the new Creation Museum that opened this week in Kentucky. Ken holds to a “young-earth” theory, saying that the Earth is not millions of years old - and he says that science can confirm his views.

This is a controversial issue, even among Christians. But whatever you believe, the museum itself is quite an accomplishment. From the glimpses inside that I’ve seen from photographs, the museum is very professionally done - at least as well done as some of the best natural history museums. The subject is quite interesting as well. You can learn more about the museum by following the links at the site below:


MARIA TO MEET MEREDITH: Wow, two girls I like on one show! Actress Sonia Manzano (Sesame Street’s “Maria”) is scheduled to appear on the “Today” show on June 7. I’m not sure if Meredith Vieira will get to interview her or not, but we can always hope. Obviously, things can change between now and then, but hopefully “Maria” won’t be rescheduled due to some big news event.

Sonia’s web page mentions that she is also working on a memoir, so that should be something us Sesame fans can look forward to. A word of warning. Do not attempt to visit Sonia Manzano’s web site with your computer speakers turned on. The home page of the site includes a short song by Sonia. It’s a cute little ditty, but THE DAMN THING PLAYS OVER AND OVER! Please don’t test our patience, Sonia. It’s hard enough putting up with Elmo's World. :)


FUN FILMS: I’ve recently contacted filmmaker Kim Thompson. Kim is the creator of the classic “All the great operas in ten minutes.” I found out that she’s got her own web page which includes information about her other films and a brief biography. You can also contact her at the site. Check it out!

If you haven’t already, check out Kim’s film in the “favorites” section of my YouTube page. You can get there by following the link in my “links” section.


ON YOUTUBE: KERMIT’S LECTURE ON FROGS. Another classic from the day. This sketch has become notorious because of something that happened during its taping. According to a quote from Bob McGrath in “Sesame Street Unpaved,” the real frog apparently had a bit of an accident - on top of Jim Henson’s head! But you’d never guess it from the skit itself. It seems to run pretty much without a hitch. It’s a fun example of comparing Kermit to a real frog. Enjoy it for yourself in the “favorites” section of my YouTube page - again, it’s in the links section.