Saturday, February 14, 2009

Frog for February

BEST FROG: Hat Sharpener from the Muppet Central forums recently shared some of his wedding pictures with other forum members. Why? Because among the guests at the wedding was none other than Kermit the Frog! Very nice photos, and cool that everyone played along with the idea that Kermit was hanging out with them. I hope he’ll be able to make it to the next wedding I attend. You can check out more photos of Kermit at the wedding at this site:

UNLUCKY OR JUST NOT SMART? This blog was written on Friday the 13th. Some say this is an unlucky day. It isn’t. Do bad things happen ONLY on Friday the 13th? Nope. Bad things happen all year long. It’s really not smart to single out one day as being more unlucky than any other day. So don’t worry. Be happy.

OUT OF TUNE: Sigh. Did you ever feel like you were being left out? Like you were such a small minority that nobody could ever identify with you? I’m sure we all feel like that sometimes. But recent happenings at the “Old Fashioned Christian Radio” Web page have brought on those feelings again for me.

Most of my Web surfing is done on a computer with a very, very, very slow connection. There aren’t too many sites that offer to stream music at a slow speed that matches my slow computer. One of them was “Old Fashioned Christian Radio.” I enjoyed having it on in the background as I did my Web stuff. Unfortunately, I can’t do that anymore. Here’s the announcement from the site:

The LOW band station is shutting down permanently on January 31, 2009 at midnight Central Time. This is because over 95% of all OCR listeners are tuning in with the HIGH BAND station. Therefore, it is no longer cost effective to maintain two stations. (If you have dial-up, consider upgrading to a high speed connection so you can listen.)

Hmm. So the station is closing its low-band site because only 5% of listeners used it. That makes me a minority among minorities. I feel like Yukon Cornelius from the “Rudolph” Christmas special. “Even among misfits, we’re misfits!”

The low-band site is going away in an effort to save money? Well, I can understand the motive. Especially these days, it’s good to save as much as possible. But the thing is, I will have to pay MORE if I want to listen to the station. So the site is saving money, but I will have to spend more. Wheee.

Add to this the fact that so much of the music on the site is really difficult to find on the air elsewhere. (Thank goodness for the music listing on the site, which offers most of the music for sale). I don’t have too many options now. It’s either pay more for the Web, or pay more for the Cds. Whoopie.

Although I’m sure that the webmaster didn’t intend any harm by this action, I fear that there may be others out there who are also being left out in the cold. While dial-up is getting rare, it’s still out there. But I obviously can’t help but wonder how long it will take to vanish if so few sites see the need to keep it simple. (Just for the record: Feb. 1 was actually the last day for the low band site.) For you high-band folks, you can enjoy some beautiful tunes at the site. It’s in my links section to the right. Out of sight! Good night.

DARK DAY OF VALENTINES: No, actually, Valentine’s Day is a fine day, even if you don’t have a valentine. Remember my Friday the 13th rant? Well, the same thing applies to Valentine’s Day. It can be a good day no matter what. Just remember the story of the thief who stole Valentine’s day. You can read it here:

ON YOUTUBE: LITTLE JERRY LIVES: The song “Sad” hasn’t been heard in several years on the show, but you can finally hear it again thanks to Bahgwan on his YouTube channel. It’s worth watching if only to see the wonder that is Little Jerry’s hair. :) The clip itself is in my favorites folder, along with some more classics. Keep watching for more videos in the favorites section soon.